4 Signs You Need A Legal Nurse Consultant

There comes a time in every lawyer’s career who works on medical cases when he or she may need assistance with the case. A legal nursing consultant can be just the person. Here are 4 signs that you should hire one to help with your case:

1. Questioning Claims’ Merit
Before you even take a case, you need to know whether or not the claim has any merit. You need someone who can examine the case for fraud, abuse of Medicaid or Medicare, or potential misconduct. You don’t want to take a case only to figure out that your client’s claim was completely off base. Using a medical professional to review the case allows you to get an educated prospective, so you’ll know whether or not the case is worth your time and effort.

2. Understanding Medical Terminology
As you’re reviewing your client’s case, you’re going to run into medical terminology that you probably don’t know. How can you understand how the information pertains to your case if you don’t understand what is being said? A medical professional can interpret medical records and translate the terms for you. He or she can explain the diagnosis and treatment plan in a way that you understand. He or she can also complete research for you to find information that will build the case and help you determine the best way to proceed. Using this research, you can have the medical professional draft questions that you can ask during the trial and write reports that you can study to prepare for the case.

3. Requiring Medical Evidence
As you prepare to go to trial, you need to stack the deck in your direction. You need to have plenty of evidence to present to prove that your client’s claims are valid. You need to prepare a timeline of events, illustrations, and demonstrations. A medical professional can assist you with this using the research and personal experience and knowledge. He or she can also educate you on how to use these in court and explain it to the jury, so you can sound competent on the subject and build your credibility for the case. Your medical professional can also assist you with tracking down expert witnesses that can testify in court, and he or she can prepare them for trial so they will feel more comfortable on the stand.

4. Confused Clients
Is your client confused about the case? Does he or she understand what’s happening? If you’re unsure about medical terminology, it can be difficult to explain to someone else. A medical professional can interact with your client, helping him or her understand what’s going on throughout the legal process. Using this information, he or she can prepare your client for the deposition and trial. You’ll find that you can also get assistance during your preparation by preparing reports that you can refer to, so you feel comfortable moving forward. It would also be wise to have your medical professional attend the deposition, trial, mediation hearing, and other meetings. He or she will be able to explain anything that you and your client need clarification about, so you can make wise decisions in regards to the case.

When you notice one of these signs, you should hire a legal nursing consultant. Having someone on your team that has experience in the medical field, as well as the legal field will be an invaluable asset to help you prepare and win your case. Find someone who has the proper certification to ensure that he or she has the experience and training that you need to get the level of service that you expect to help you throughout your case.